Alfredo Coelho

January 13, 2016 Paleta

Works of the artist



Born in Angola, was born in New Lisbon / Huambo in 1959.

Is dedicated exclusively to fine arts since 1980, when it started the activity as a painter, and later extended its experience in areas such as photography, video, installation and sculpture, notably the creation and execution Trophy (iron sculpture) for the V International Theatre Festival – Resende / Rio de Janeiro.

Held dozens of solo exhibitions (and legal, as well as in salons and Fairs International Art) in several countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, where it is represented in numerous private and official collections collections, including: Museum Modern Art – Resende / Rio de Janeiro; Bank of Macau; Museum Diogo Goncalvez and Ouro Negro Foundation – Portugal.

The painting Awards were attributed to him (Public) in the First PortArt / International Exhibition of Art in 1993 Portimão (Algarve / Portugal) and XIII Hall Art Itatiaia – Rio de Janeiro, in 1995, among other distinctions.

It is referenced in several editions of Art: “Aspects of Fine Arts in Portugal” (1992); “The Artist and his Market” (1993), among other specific specialty publications.

Currently lives and works in Portugal (Algarve), after having spent about 20 years in Brazil and 4 in Germany.

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