João Cutileiro

January 24, 2016 Paleta

Obras do Artista



João Cutileiro breathe the dust from the influences of a lifetime and engages your day-to-day performance of a very own creativity and independent attitude and free from stereotypes. Internationally recognized artist, his works are generating hatreds and passions.

For João Cutileiro, sculpting is an affirmation of the reality of his own existence, a work that knows no fatigue and an effort that seems to have no limits. Authenticity and economy in the model design are the main objectives of the Cutileiro works, works that are born of the passions, aspirations, doubts and fears of the sculptor.

Its themes are love, desire and the fullness of being, the disclosure in the field of nature is celebrated with respect and simplicity.

João Cutileiro is responsible for the great turning point in Portuguese sculpture in the 80s and the break with the official statuary, causing it to evolve stylized classicism for a new era completely freed from the current iconography.

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