Rogério Abreu

January 25, 2016 Paleta

Artist’s works


Rogério Manuel Dias de Abreu is a Portuguese sculptor, born in Freiria, Torres Vedras, to June 19, 1967. His father, Antonio Carlos Abreu, and his mother, Maria Fernanda Dias, are farmers coming from neighboring parishes.

From an early age since his creative vein was shown as his hyperactivity, characteristics that go marking along this route and who demonstrated before the entry in primary education. To 9 years, since the early phases in contact with the world of oil painting, a spontaneous and incomprehensible to those around him so. It would, however, that the preparatory learning her vein become more apparent, and this time the first known sculptural works. By age 13, and with meager means, he built his first wheel potter, initiating contact with the clay so abundant in the western counties. Not have been oblivious to this creative vibration in the ceramics area, visits with parents at the village / studio of the great master ceramist José Franco, in Mafra. It has also this time was a love of books and the museums, being a regular visitor wants Museum of the city of Torres Vedras, whether the Municipal Library. He also participated in the eighties in collective exhibitions of painting, which occasionally occurred in the city, which is the artistic area that then more indulged.

After the secondary, given the meager family resources and hunger of discovery and knowledge, Adventures by emigration in Swiss lands (Genéve / Vevey), where he stayed about 7 years, while maintaining artistic activity, including some experiences in painting on porcelain, and coming to attend a drawing course at the École Assimil. While advancing in this adventure abroad, began the design and construction of what would be your current home / studio. In 1992, he returned to the motherland, beginning a tour of the building, while finishing his home / studio. Always maintained the artistic activity, passion that will intensify to the point that in early 2000, already formed family, feel the need to make a decision: to indulge in art, especially sculpture, body and soul, in time all. If self-taught is, as far as the training is concerned, the fact remains that in its constant study found as teachers: Rodin, Moore, Brancusi, Arp, Picasso, González, Chillida, Oteiza, Noguschi, Serra and Juan Muñoz, among other artists. In his artistic and personal journey, he discovered nature, as the Greatest Masters, and work as the best of helpers. Multidisciplinary sculptor, as the material is concerned, has been intense your work with a diverse route, over the last eight years. Having been invited to many exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, focusing on, for example, the exhibitions in which he participated in the cities of Malaga, Seville, Victoria and Paris. Their sculpture works are scattered institutions and private collections, the various continents, and has conducted public works to Belmonte, Mêda, Butters and Torres Vedras.

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