Vitor Horta

January 25, 2016 Paleta

Artist’s works


Vítor Manuel da Silva Horta was born on May 9, 1965 in Lisbon.

He lived his childhood linked to the performing arts, following his father who worked in the construction and assembly scenarios in theaters nationwide.
Fascinated by the scenes and curious in wanting to see and do, decided to start work very early, learning blacksmithing scenic.

Since 1992 he devoted himself to the creation, reconstruction and maintenance of scenic elements, now an integral part of a stage team.
Halfway through the 90’s found the material he chose for his art: iron.

New ideas and creations have emerged, giving rise to several works that were present in group exhibitions with photographers, designers, painters and designers, interacting with parts of these areas.
Sees all materials as a challenge to creativity. Transforms them and repay them a new meaning and multiple functions. His works are born of pure pleasure of working the iron, the feel shaping up to your hands, taking shape, expression and life.
“Passarocos” they are the result of the junction of extracted materials of nature with this iron magically worked.

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