António Mira

February 5, 2016 Paleta

Artist Works


Portuguese artist plastic, Antonio Mira was born in Lisbon in 1953. It was in this city who studied and licensed in History.

Exposes for the first time in 1974. During the next five years, he made installations and performances. As a painter presented initially an informal painting taken by the “pleasure of sin, drunkenness of matter and gesture,” according to his words. The sense of excess and euphoria kept in his work, but was giving great attention to prop plane.

Introduced interaction material using the spray, for example, with monochromatic areas, subdividing across different materials, so that no area to be considered as picture or background. The artist himself defines his paintings as “contemplation walls” where you can find “being as object”

Throughout his work is known to interact materials, for example steel bars divided into two parts the overall area of the paint. Its relief and its color and material evidence in contrast to his physical presence, as well as the physical presence of the pigments and more traditional media. Some of his paintings take on a strong chromatic white, yellow and red, but always respecting the frontal support

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