Armanda Passos

February 9, 2016 Paleta

Artist Works


Armanda Passos was born in Peso da Regua, in 1944. She graduated in Fine Arts from the ESBAP, exhibits regularly since 1976.

The work of Armanda Passos puts it next to the new figurative, but this cataloging is meager to define the artist’s work.

The work of Armanda Passos puts it next to the new figurative, but this CDE that the extensive production of the artist is marked by constant use of the female figure that is crafted its own way, a synthesized expression oscillating between the grotesque and the candor.

The result is rounded, exaggerated forms and refusing to concrete tyranny to establish the imaginary archetype, where dream and reality merge.

Another feature of the Armanda Passos work is waiving worked funds, which emphasizes the strength of figuration and refers to a close conceptual composition where color or absence demarcate the inner states of the represented.

A superb job often overlooked, but certainly one of the great innovative Portuguese contemporary painting.

It is represented in several galleries from which we highlight: CAMJAP; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; MNAC; Serralves Museum; etc.

Even surprising us, the woman is always the main figure of all the creative imagination of Armanda Passos. And it tells Mario Claudio in his text: “I say that women project the world enthroned in its robustness, identify the empire and seniority of the position, exercised from a core of fire, shrouded in the immense mantle folds..(…)

(…) I say that women design the world. Occur around the quadrant, there is in fact who they conquer the ground. (…)

(…) Around the fingers they will wrapping the fringes, so timid in the concept of naive puzzles as threatening on suspicion of the lukewarm heart. Spoil yourself shawls, embrace the children, slowly sipping molasses language. I say that women project the world. “In the book” Drawings “with Armanda Passos drawings and text Mário Cláudio.

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